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rent thtached holiday cottages to sleep 6Choosing the accommodation that you want to stay in when you go away on holiday can be one of the trickiest decisions you’ll make regarding your holiday. Choosing whereabouts you want to visit and spend time can often be quite a simple and easy choice, but sadly the same cannot be said for choosing what type of cottage or apartment you want to stay in. As you could be spending the majority of your time while you are away in this accommodation, it’s important that you choose something that will be right for you and that will suit you and the group that you choose to go away with down to the ground - whether you’re going for just a few days or for a couple of weeks, you still want it to be perfect.

If you’re looking for some accommodation that is a little out of the ordinary for your holiday this year then one option that you should really be considering is staying in a thatched cottage. These cottages are very fairytale-esque and appeal to adults and children alike as they tend to have quite a magical feel about them. This makes them extremely appealing if you’re looking to stay in something different and unique, ensuring that your holiday is one that will be remembered forever.

You don’t really tend to find many thatched cottages in city centres as they are far more suited to semi rural or rural settings, ensuring that if you opt to stay in one of these cottages then you really will be getting away from the grind of everyday life. It’s amazing how refreshing a break from being in the city can be and as these cottages are often surrounded by countryside, they provide a perfect base for going out walking and getting plenty of fresh air. If you’re going to stay in or around breathtaking countryside, you may as well stay in a beautiful cottage too. Some thatched cottages are just on the outskirts of villages which may be more appealing if you still want to be near local amenities, definitely something to consider when booking your thatched cottage.

Thatched cottages vary in size from really small to quite large, but the average cottage probably sleeps about 6 people. This means that they really are the perfect cottage to stay in whether you have a large family, are going away as a group of friends or are taking other people with you. You know that you’ll have plenty of space in your cottage ensuring that you have a relaxing and chilled out holiday, because after all isn’t that what a holiday is meant to be like?

If you’re looking for some idyllic accommodation for your break away in a village or the countryside, choosing to stay in a thatched cottage could be the perfect choice for you. Unusual and spacious, the cottage will ensure that you have a magical holiday to remember and everyone is bound to be extremely envious of such stunning accommodation.

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