Remote cottages to rent for family holidays

family holidays ukStretching out around you, as far as your eye can see, there is an idyllic panorama of emerald green rolling hills, dipping and rising as they expose valleys: set to a backdrop of majestic snow tipped mountains. In the clear blue sky above, eagles and buzzards soar and dive as if performing an aerobatic dance just for you. Nearby you hear the calming gentle sound of a river flowing, accompanied by a choir of birds. In the corner of your eye, to the left, you spot a hare emerging from the wood swiftly followed by a young red deer, and another, and another until there are seven all leaping across your line of view. As you stand in wonder basking in this visual and audio display by nature, you can but feel completely relaxed and content with your place within the scheme of life. Remote cottages

Tonight you will feast on fresh fish caught in the river alongside your cottage. As you enjoy the soft breeze and vista, the sun will put on a colourful display as it set in the West, prior to night drawing a curtain on a perfect day.

Next morning you rise with the gentle dawn, feeling inspired and enthused, to start on that book you have carried around in your mind for so long. Meanwhile, your partner has disappears with sketchbook and paints in hand, to capture the twists and turns of the river as it heads for the sparkling and twinkling waterfall below.

Experience all this and more on a remote cottage holiday. Chose from a long list of cottages situated in diverse locations, the length and breath of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Whether your need is to chill out, spend quality time introducing your family to nature, or to be inspired, there is a perfect cottage out there just waiting for you to step right into it. Rugged countryside or the cool sea imbued air of a coastal location, the choice is yours. Each season offers a stunning panorama to admire and enjoy. Spring will have you gasping in surprise as you come upon a flower that has opened unexpectedly early. Summer's colours and heat will urge you to get out and explore every corner of your landscape. The cool of Autumn will remind you that you'll cover more ground and that nature is winding down. Winter in its new white coat will have you marvelling at its new look and having fun in the snow with the knowledge that inside a roaring open fire awaits.

Nature can always be depended on to wave its magic wand, so whichever location you settle for, it will be guaranteed to ensure that you leave refreshed and eager to return to your regular day to day life safe, in the knowledge, that there is a place where you can always return to time and time again, to refresh your batteries.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head for your close encounter with nature.

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