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Choosing holiday accommodation to stay in can be hard enough anyway, let alone if you have to look for somewhere that will let you take your dog with you. Often this can cause dog owners to feel that they can’t take their four legged friend away with them, causing them to be left with a friend or in kennels meaning that for the entirety of the holiday, something is missing and that it really isn’t a holiday for the entire family because the dog isn’t there. Although they may be harder to find, there are plenty of holiday cottages that will allow you to take a dog away with you, and providing that you look hard enough, you’re bound to be able to find the perfect one for you and your family. Family cottages that allow a dog

Self-catering holidays with dogs

There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be able to take your dog away on your family holiday. After all, your dog is another member of the family, basically another child and I’m sure you’d never dream of leaving one of your children behind when you went away on holiday. There is no reason why this should happen to the dog either as there are family holiday cottages that allow you to take a dog with you all over the country and providing that either the details say that you can take your dog or if you’ve contacted the owner to check then there is no reason why you should get into trouble for doing so.

Save kennel fees by taking the dogs to a holiday cottage with you

Taking your dog away with you doesn’t just have the advantage of having the entire family there together, it also means that you don’t have the expense of having to put your dog into kennels while you go away, especially when this is completely avoidable. There is no reason that your dog should have to go into kennels while you go away when you are staying in this country and could feasibly take the dog away with you. Putting your dog into kennels isn’t just expensive though, it’s also saddening for you and your family. You’re bound to miss your dog while you’re away, especially when they are around you all the time at home and you’re sure to feel as though your holiday just isn’t quite complete if your dog isn’t there, a holiday cottage that you can take your dog with you really does solve this problem.

Other advantages of taking pets away on holiday

Having your dog with you while you’re away on holiday will probably also help you avoid moans of ‘I’m bored!’ from the kids. You can send them outside to play with the dog and you can all go on dog walks as a family, walks which you may not have gone on without the dog, meaning that everyone is kept entertained and that you can really bond while you’re away. Wanting to take your dog away with you is so easy to achieve by booking a holiday cottage which is dog friendly, and if you find one you like that doesn’t specify you may as well ask if you can take the dog as an exception may be made.

Suggested pet-friendly family holiday cottage destinations

Any of the national parks

The Isle of Wight is brilliant for family holidays with dogs. Some beaches allow them all year round/


Family holidays with dogs in Yorkshire

Family day out with dogs at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire

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