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A bungalow is ideal accommodation for families with toddlers. Very young children, just starting to walk are not steady on their feet and the smallest obstacle such as a rug could cause a fall. Stairs pose an instant challenge and although young children may bounce well, it is best to avoid any risks and rent a bungalow if possible.

With family-friendly self-catering accommodation, cots and high chairs are usually provided; stair gates are less commonly fitted. Open-plan self-catering bungalows are also good for families with young children because it gives them a big play area and it’s also easy to look after them because they’re easier to see. Anyone with young children is aware that children like to climb and if it’s not stairs, it’s furniture and anything else. The most determined toddlers may use chairs to gain access to shelves and then use them as a ladder. It is definitely more difficult to relax when going on holiday with small children because they do the unexpected. At least with a bungalow there are no heights that could be a danger. self catering holiday bungalow for 12

Some of the daft things that children have been known to do on holiday include locking themselves in bathrooms, leaving taps running and flooding the accommodation, drawing on walls. For this reason, felt tip pens and paints should be left at home unless you are going to be super diligent in monitoring their play time. Any loose keys in locks should be removed and a bathroom signing system used instead such as knocking before entering. A family break with 14 people could produce several surprises and even shocks. All that families with young children can do when renting is to take sensible precautions.

A damage deposit is often requested when booking a large self-catering house. This is returned is the accommodation is left undamaged, as found. Any breakages or damage that you notice on entering should be reported immediately. Most family friendly self catering accommodation will be as child proof as possible although it is impossible to mitigate against the ingenious plans of some toddlers.

The night is a time when families can relax, after the children have been put to bed. Do make sure that you have the right kind of bed suited to your child. A child that has just turned two may not yet be ready for a single bed, do ensure that the cot is large enough. Cot beds are good because they allow the option of a large cot or a small bed. Young children often fall out of bed until they get used to a single bed and you are not likely to have extra pillows of bedding to place on the floor to cushion falls. Do plan ahead and that self-catering break in your holiday bungalow should hopefully go well without any mishaps.


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