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Going on a self-catering break to a stunning part of the United Kingdom is a great way to get away from it all to a lovely cottage retreat. Whether you are nestled by the foot of a towering mountain overlooking a glistening lake, or whether you are perched on a Cliffside with sweeping views of the sea and beaches below, your charming holiday cottage break will be one to remember. Relaxing in the comfort of your rented accommodation where you can cook your favourite meals and unwind in privacy, cottages also often have other facilities for guests to use, such as swimming pools.

family cottages to rent with a swimming poolRenting a holiday cottage with a swimming pool is the ultimate in luxury, especially if the pool is private and located on the grounds of your cottage garden. Going for a morning swim before breakfast is perfectly possible every day on your break, although it is very easy to get used to this indulgence! Lovers of the water who are renting a cottage that is not by the sea will appreciate still being able to go for a dip in the pool, as it is a refreshing and fun activity to participate in, made even easier if you don’t even need to leave the grounds of your accommodation!

Some swimming pools are located on cottage grounds but are shared between other cottage dwellers. These pools are often indoor heated pools with Jacuzzis and never really get very busy, so you will often have the facilities to yourself! Although these swimming pools are not private, they are still only available to those who have rented a holiday cottage and will be on the grounds of the accommodations, only a short, brisk walk away, and you can enjoy a rejuvenating daily swim or a dip in the hot tub with your friends and loved ones.
Holiday cottages with a swimming pool, whether a private one in your lodge’s garden or a shared one amongst others who have rented cottages, is a great way to have the perfect self-catering break in the UK. There will often be countless things for you to do in the vicinity of your accommodation, from cultural and historical places of interest to sporty activities, but sometimes you may just wish to stay within your cottage and have an invigorating swim. Renting a cottage with a swimming pool is a great idea and it will ensure that you will have the most perfect break away yet.












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