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family holidays ukFamily breaks are often the highlight of the year, especially if you have a young family. There is so much to do and explore when you have young children that it can really make taking them away on holiday absolutely priceless. Of course, it’s not hard to find accommodation to stay in if you’re a young family of four but one option that is probably less considered than it should be is the apartment - and there are plenty of reasons why such an accommodation choice would suit your young family of four down to the ground for your break away. a collection of self catering apartments for family of 4

For a start, apartments are literally found everywhere, it doesn’t matter whether you decide that you want to take a city break or a coastal break, you can rely on this type of accommodation being there for you to stay in. Due to the nature of the accommodation, you can often get a really good location too, either being right on the coast or right in the city centre.

If you opt to take your young family of four away on a coastal break, you’d want to be able to see the beach, right? An apartment is perfect for this as you’re often virtually on the beach meaning that you get absolutely stunning views and that your kids don’t get too tired actually walking to the beach. There’s a sense of excitement that comes with staying right by the beach too, watching the waves roll in and the dogs tear up and down the sand that never really goes away, no matter how old you are. The United Kingdom really does have some amazing coastal locations so whether you opt for the potentially more rural and tranquil setting of Wales or you want to stay somewhere with a little bit more to do such as Brighton or Blackpool, you’re bound to find apartments suitable for you and your young family of four in all of these locations and you’re also bound to find plenty of activities for you all to do too, whether it is going for walks through the countryside, playing on the beach or visiting a theme park.

However, if you choose to stay in the city an apartment is also a wonderful choice for your young family of four. You’re right in there on the action and you can take walks through the city without having to worry about how you’re going to try and get there first. This is brilliant for a young family with children as it takes away just another stress. Staying in the city really can give the entire family a feel of something completely new, especially if it is completely different to your home life, and an apartment can help you experience this really well. The choice of amazing cities to stay in in the United Kingdom really isn’t limited at all so whether you opt for somewhere with tons of history such as Edinburgh or decide to take a trip to the capital, London, you’ll find an apartment just perfect for you and your family of four.


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