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Christmas is a time about love, sharing and family moments, and the best way to spend the festive season is to be with your nearest and dearest during the celebrations so that you can share the day together. Renting a large family friendly house that sleeps 18 people for the Christmas time may be a wonderful way of expressing your love for one another and being able to spend a week or so in an entirely different location.

self-catering houses to rent for christmas sleep 18Your family may live in all parts of the country, or even the world, so bringing everyone together in one place during Christmas is a great idea. You can see the look on your aunts, nephews and grandparents faces as they open their gifts from you, and the whole family can tuck into a traditional Christmas roast together, sharing jokes, pulling crackers and listening to the soft tinkering of festive music playing in the background. Renting a large house that can accommodate up to 18 people is great for those with large families, and these accommodations are extremely family friendly, ensuring that you can relax and know that the little ones are safe. There are also thousands of smaller cottages that can be rented for Christmas, many come fully decorated for the Christmas season.

These houses are family friendly because they come with fully-equipped with everything you will need in a dwelling where young children and babies will be living. With highchairs for mealtimes and cots in bedrooms, there are also baby changing mats and areas and the actually houses are decorated in a cosy and homely manner. You will feel like you are in your second home, especially with 17 other family members roaming about the place, and as you will be staying in the lodge during Christmas time, the most loving and giving of the holiday seasons, you will feel a warm sense of affection for your rented accommodation and for your family members.

These houses are large and spacious and perfect for the grand kids and the great grandparents, and you can choose to rent these homes that sleep 18 people in any part of the UK. Whether you want to be nestled within dense forestry in the north of England or Scotland with the very strong chance of having a white Christmas, or whether you dream of staying in the south coast by the sea and the sound of the waves, there is a large house available to rent for big groups of families during this season all over the UK.

Family friendly houses come with safe and fully-equipped kitchens where only the adults can reach into the cupboards! They also have comfortable beds and sofas, plenty of bedrooms, several television sets with DVD players and stylish bathrooms with tubs and power showers. Choosing to gather up the whole family and escape to a wonderful winter retreat during Christmas will be a trip that you will forever look back on with fondness and will want to repeat each year, especially if you appreciate just how special both family and this time of year are to those who you may not see so often.

Large houses to rent for New Year are also available all around the UK. This very big self-catering houses enable friends and family to get together for a party over the festive period.


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